to school safely

Send your kids to school with the safe shuttles of provides public and private schools with a home / school and school / home transfer service, discover the features and advantages below. Register on our site to make the most of the service. - Ragazzi


By choosing’s “At school safely” service, you will choose the best way to send your children to school and to bring them home at the end of the lessons. the kids will travel in sanitized shuttles after each transfer, you will always know who your child has traveled with and when he will arrive at school.

Departure from home

The boys will be picked up directly from their home address

Sanitized environment

They will travel in safe and sanitized shuttles after each trip

Arrive at school

the shuttle will accompany them to the non-school building


Each person who gets on the shuttle will be registered as required by the anti-contagion provisions


Greater safety for both children and educational staff, reduction of the possibility of contagion


Not having to accompany the kids to school, the savings will be substantial and sensitive for you

"at school in safety" with

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