home to business

Just imagine for a moment that you no longer have to make endless queues at the ring road or at the traffic lights, imagine that you no longer have to queue for the embarkation of public transport, to arrive breathless at the office or to be late at home at night. take back your time, relax.

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Take back your time

take things slow

The pleasure of breakfast, you can do things calmly, no hurry and nothing runs in the morning, we will take you to the office.

works with more determination

At work with more determination. You will arrive at the office without the stress of driving kilometers in traffic or traveling by public transport.

the evening is beautiful

And in the evening you will return home on time, still full of energy to enjoy the best moments with the most important people in your life.

how does it work

Book your shuttle

By connecting to the Navettafacile.it site or through our App or by calling our phone number


During the trip aboard one of our luxury VANs you can read and reply to emails, relax listening to music, in short, relax.

work good

get to the office without stress helps you work better and get more results with less effort.


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