School Agreements

School Agreements

Agreement your school with, we will take the students home and take them to school in a safe and sanitized environment after each trip - Convenzioni Scuola

Affiliate your school, it pays!

Conventioning your school with Easy Shuttle is convenient for both school and families. With an annual subscription you can guarantee your students safe and quick travel, giving them the opportunity to arrive on time for lessons without stress and worry from families. Making an agreement with us is easy: just fill out the agreement request form you will be contacted by one of our representatives to complete the procedure. - Convenzione Scuola - tracciabilità


All access to the shuttle will be tracked and recorded.

Students on time

Students will no longer delay their lessons, all on time with Navettafacile - Convenzione Scuola - sicurezza

Guaranteed safety

The shuttles will be sanitized after each transfer

School agreement request

Fill in the form

Fill in and send the form with the data of the school paying attention to insert the required fields.

We will call you back

You will be contacted shortly by one of our representatives who will make an appointment

We come to school

One of our representatives will come to the school to illustrate our agreement, the advantages and to sign the agreement agreement