Navetta facile - EASY SHUTTLE

A new shared and anti-covid shuttle service that facilitates and makes your movements safer.

Easy Shuttle is the first shared shuttle service in Europe. Getting around the city has never been easier, faster and cheaper.

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Shared Shuttle

The shared shuttle service allows you to share a transfer with other people going in the same direction, neighborhood, area of ​​the city.

Reserved Shuttle

The reserved shuttle service allows you to have a shuttle reserved just for you to reach any destination you want in comfort and safety.


Agreeing with is convenient for both managers and employees. If you are a manager or the Mobility Manager of your company, consider the possibility of an agreement with us. Guarantee your employees safe home / work trips, save on parking and avoid the stress of traffic or public transport.


All our shuttles are ANTI-COVID SHUTTLES. On board our shuttles all the rules are in place to prevent COVID-19 infection. The service is done with the 8-seater Mercedes Luxury VANs but at each trip the shuttle will take a maximum of 4 passengers, the shuttles are sterilized at each trip, our staff is trained and trained according to the rules set by the WHO to prevent counting from COVID-19 and much more.

6 good reasons to choose us

You save money

Not using your car you will cut fuel costs, toll roads, fines and wear and tear on the car.

You save time

Navetta Facile uses travel preferences, saving you so much time that you would otherwise spend on traffic or on means of transport.

Travel safely

You will have the guarantee of traveling in a safe and comfortable vehicle, no dangers or inconveniences, in addition, the shuttles are sterilized with each trip.

No traffic or parking trouble

You no longer have to worry about finding parking and stopping in traffic, you will save a lot of time, stress and money.

No queues or waiting

You no longer have to worry about the endless lines and waiting times to take public transport, relax and enjoy the journey.

Go wherever you want

We will accompany you where you want, you will no longer have the stress of changing the vehicle, just think about relaxing the rest we will take care of.

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