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Getting around the city with the Shared Shuttle will be safe, simple and cheap. You will no longer have the problem of parking, you will not have to spend hours in traffic, you will travel in a safe environment because it is always clean and sanitized. Register to take advantage of offers and promotions.

with us you will no longer have to worry about


Easy Shuttle uses the preferred roads for getting around the city, with us the queues at the traffic lights and the traffic will be just a bad memory

Navetta Facile - City To City - Parcheggio


The nvetta will pick you up at the address you indicated and will take you to your destination, you will no longer have to turn around empty to find a parking space

Navetta Facile - City To City - Sicurezza


Traveling with Navetta Facile means traveling with a safe vehicle driven by professionals, a vehicle that is sanitized after each journey

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Navetta Facile - City To City

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Relax listening to good music during transfers and enjoy the comfort of our luxury VAN.


Go quietly for shopping, a walk in the center, walking with friends, and for the return ... book your shuttle too! Easy isn't it?

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